Google my Business is Shifted to Google Business Profile – Search & Map

Google my Business is Shifted to Google Business Profile - Search & Map

Officially on 2nd Nov Google my Business is shifted to Google Business Profile which is manageable and integrated with Google Search and Google Map. Google My Business app is not available in Play Store now!

Now onwards, more business profile management will be transferred to Google Search and Google Map. Not only is this Google my business also changing its name, from Google my business (GMB) to Google Business Profile.

What is the reason behind this change that Google My Business is shifting to Google Search and Google Map, so basically Google wants that all business gets shifted towards one listing only that’s why? Google has confirmed that large-scale businesses which work in multiple locations, will be transferred from Google my Business to ‘Business Profile Manager’, it will enhance their user experience and will add more tools to it which will help the business to grow further. One more thing that Google has made simple is that now if you want to change anything on your business, that is if you want to manage your business which is already verified and claimed then you just have to type ‘My Business’ in the search bar and your business profile will appear in the search results through which you can manage anything in your profile which you want.

For the benefit of businesses, Google Ads is also adding one tool which will help the business to analyze the amount to spend on ads. It is known as a Performance Planner.

Performance Planner is a very useful tool through which you can easily plan your advertising spending. It also allows the user better control over performance checking.

Performance Planner can be useful in:

•Budget allocation and tracking.

•What if analysis by exploring the possibilities of different budgets just by doing changes in the campaign settings?

•Accessing campaign forecasts.


•Performance analysis.

•Easy operation and modification of the campaign.

•Variation analysis.

How it works

•Performance Planner processes billions of search queries and provides you with reliable forecasts. •It automatically suggests the relevant ad auctions, based on the factors such as seasonality, competitor activity, and landing page.

Here are the details that you should know about Google My business shifting to Google Search. It is important for you to know all these updates to keep your business up to date and it also helps in the progress of your business.

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